Mercer, in collaboration with MiDA Advisors and Standard Bank Group have joined forces to publish the second edition of the Mercer report publication titled “Infrastructure financing in sub-Saharan Africa” to present the attractive case for investing in Africa.

Despite challenges, we believe the continent remains an attractive investment destination. Growth themes across the continent are intact. Population growth, coupled with urbanisation, higher secondary education levels, and a median age that is moving into its most productive range, continue to support higher growth levels relative to the rest of the globe.

As Standard Bank, we will transform client experience; execute with excellence; and drive sustainable growth.

Standard Bank’s African Markets Revealed is a research report providing detailed, comprehensive, medium term (up to 2 years ahead) forecasts for 21 key African economies.

The 9th annual South Africa Tomorrow Conference, a showcase of African Institutions and listed companies, under the topical theme this year of ‘Structural Reform and Catalysts for Growth’