Head: Strategy Enablement – Global Markets, Corporate and Investment Banking

Why is “Why she leads” important?

I strongly believe that Africa has been more matriarchal than we like to acknowledge. ‘Why she leads’ showcases that women can be just as successful when given the platform to lead.

What are the biggest challenges that women face in the workplace?

We work with people who have wives and partners at home taking care of life. As a woman in the workplace, I am that wife and partner. As women we also want to do everything. I always say, don’t be embarrassed about outsourcing things in your life – plan to make sure things can be taken care of so you don’t have to miss out on important engagements. You’ll be more present and show up fully in all your roles.

What is your approach to leadership?

I look for ways I can leave people better off for having me in their lives. I’m a very strong believer in empowering people.

“As a leader, I’m not afraid to show up as one who doesn’t know everything. If I purport to know everything it disempowers the people around me.”

Decisiveness is a trait every leader should have. The ability to make decisions is very comforting to teams – it gives them a sense of ‘our leader knows where we’re going’.

What is the value of curiosity in the workplace?

You can’t be successful without being curious. If you’re not curious about what’s happening around you, you can’t apply yourself holistically and have the meaningful conversations. People want to know that they’re noticed. If you notice what people are up to and you demonstrate that in the conversations you have, that will set you apart. Curiosity has always stood me in good stead and has always accelerated me to step into my next role at the next level.

How do you nurture and take care of yourself?

My spirituality is very important to me; it grounds me, enables me to maintain perspective and not always focus on my challenges. I volunteer in my church.

Self-care allows me to invest in myself. It makes you feel good about yourself; even if it’s the smallest thing, do it for yourself. For me, it’s my hair and nails and waking up early in the morning to exercise. I get to be alone in my zone, not worrying about anyone.

How should women show up for, and support each other in the work environment?

I struggle with women pulling each other down; it’s something that still exists. Women leaders should constantly look for ways to open up doors for those coming up. There’s enough room for other women around the table – let’s make space for others.

Do you have words of encouragement for young corporate women aspiring to make a mark?

Young women who want to step out of their comfort zone to do something meaningful with their life, should focus on self-aware- ness. Self-awareness is very important. As women, it’s something that differentiates us from men – God has given us a strong sense of intuition.

Self-awareness also means identifying your calling and purpose in life and finding ways to operate within those areas of passion, no matter the context you’re in.