Senior Vice-president, Structured Capital

s women, we have the responsibility to advocate for social change that will ensure that future generations of women can succeed, and Mulalo Takaedza is committed to doing so.

She launched her foundation, Women for Girls, to provide a platform to assist girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to adapt and navigate through the tertiary education environment in pursuit of creating a network of emerging young leaders. When she isn’t helping young girls thrive, she can be found scoring goals on the soccer field for fun.

Her authentic and charismatic nature allows her to boldly defy stereotypes and establish her place as a leader in the industry. She currently oversees deal origination for structured sub-ordinated funding opportunities, execution on those transactions as well as negotiation and closure of those deals. 

Her career highlights include the role she played in a transaction that provided a US$25m term loan facility to  Tana Africa Capital with their ambitions to build African companies through growth capital, operational and strategic support.